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Garage sheds are great for protecting and securing your cars, bikes, boats and motorbikes. But, like all garages, our garage sheds can be used for a range of things like work spaces, a place for art and music, storage or an external hang out space!

With around 50 years of industry experience, we have serviced many locations. Our garage sheds Sydney have been a welcome addition to the suburban home and to homes across Australia. We design garage sheds that are perfect for all types of homes and locations, whether it be suburban, rural or remote!

Being a family-owned business, we know how important the functionality and look of the family home is. We also understand that each family and family home is unique. That is why our garage sheds are customized to fit your needs and your home’s needs. That way, you can be sure that the garage shed will fit perfectly on your property and into your life.

We use state-of-the-art techniques and technology to design and construct our garages and sheds. Therefore, Sanloma Sheds provides strong, reliable and high-quality garage sheds to our customers. Our sheds use 100% Bluescope steel products, Colorbond and Zincalume, so you know you are getting a high-quality garage shed.

Get in contact with our team to a quote on our competitive garage and sheds prices. Adding a garage shed to your home will increase the value of your property, as many Australians desire to keep their vehicle safe and secure overnight. A garage shed is a great upgrade investment to your home and provides you security for your own vehicle.

Contact our team today to begin upgrading your family home with a new garage shed! You can get a quote online today! When you choose Sanloma Sheds for your garage shed, you are choosing trusted and experienced shed suppliers.

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